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    About Us

    Some information on what I do and why..

    Hello, my name is Jordy Morsch

    Freelance photo and videographer, editor and the one-man-army behind MotorsportMedia.

    About me

    As a Motorsport and car enthousiast, I went to the race track in the early days with my dad and friends, photographing the cars. After starting with a media college it got more serious by the year. Starting by using professional gear and later on starting my own website (many thanks to Cygnix). I learned about the world of video and editing at school and got in love with that too, so I started filming too.

    Now, two years later I am a professional Video Producer specialized in Automotive video productions and a master in HD DSLR camera work while MotorsportMedia has grown to a big website with productions of Racing(team) video's, trailers and promotionals. We'll hope to reveal a ShowReel at the end of this year (2012).

    If you got exited by watching my latest content, and do you want to see you, your team and/or your car (event) on photo's, don't wait and contact me!


    Websites we got featured on with our content

    Circuit Park Zandvoort

    We had our video listed on the official CPZ website.

    Historic Grand Prix

    Special remark from the organisation of this wonderfull event!


    You can watch MotorsportMediaNL now also on your television on MotorsTV! Check out this program called "Wheels from the Lowlands" on every wednesday evening!


    Clashproduction is working in all areas of visual communication from commercials and documentaries to feature films and has successfully established itself as a serious and reliable option in the motorsport industry.

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